Discussions on Russia's return in G7 / G8

Discussions on Russia's return in G7 / G8

Spokesperson of the Federal Government of Germany Steffen Seibert stated that Germany is against Russia’s comeback to the G7 Group.

According to the German Spokesperson, Russia was excluded after Crimea annexation in the violation of the international right and destabilization of Eastern Ukraine. “Both situations are still the same”.

He also added that negotiations about more active participation of the Russian Federation may be held only after the changes.

It stands to mention that a similar response was from Paris. French diplomatists said that Russia’s return to the Great-7 Group would depend on the progress in negotiations with Ukraine related to the Donbas conflict settlement.

Donald Trump, the U.S. President, stood for Russia attending the G7 Summit during the previous meeting in Canada. The majority of other G7 countries did not support this idea excluding Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy.

Besides, French President Emmanuel Macron offered Donald Trump to invite Russia at G7 summit in 2020. The U.S. President supported this idea. They held phone talk and decided that they would like to invite Russia at G7 summit the next year. It is expected that Trump will discuss this issue with other world leaders on the weekends at G7 in Biarritz.