Our Objectives

Our Objectives


The Black Sea House Association (BSH) was established in July 2017, in Constanta, Romania, as a think-tank for political analysis and prediction in the Wider Black Sea area – the only geopolitical Romanian think tank that operates on the Black Sea coast.

BSH is a non-governmental, nonprofit, policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers in the Black Sea area countries strengthen mutual trust in the region and maintain its stability and security, a Romanian think tank for geopolitical and strategic issues whose activities can be divided into four fields: research, organization of events and meetings, publishing and training.

BSH was founded and is led by Mr. Dorin Popescu, former Romanian diplomat.

The Association acts as a geopolitical think tank for public policies in the Wider Black Sea area and as a catalyzer for projects to strengthen interethnic and interreligious dialogue in this region.

The Wider Black Sea region is the main point of interest for BSH. Our Association aims at increasing the level of dialogue and cooperation in this region. Our main objectives are to discuss and to analyse the main challenges and opportunities in the region and also to create various dialogue and communication platforms between officials and experts from all the countries of the region – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and other EU member states active in the Wider Black Sea region.

The other objectives are to promote and support the public policies at national and regional level as well as in the whole of the wider Black Sea area, through thematic projects and initiatives, to carry out geopolitical studies and analyzes for Wider Black Sea area, useful to the local community as well as the central and local administration, to protect the cultural heritage and cultural specificity of the Wider Black Sea area, to create, encourage and develop a pro-active local cultural community, to stimulate interreligious dialogue in this region.

BSH is a research organization, a scientific platform for sectorial studies in the following areas: international relations, foreign policy and security studies, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and regional sciences (Wider Black Sea region). BSH is dedicated to analysing the foreign policy and national security challenges facing Romania and other Black Sea countries. It seeks to educate the public, teachers, students, and offer ideas to advance Romania national interests based on a nonpartisan, geopolitical perspective.

The Association is aimed for experts, diplomats, academics, students interested in the international relations and foreign policy, particularly in the Wider Black Sea area.  

BSH publishes periodically independent, bipartisan analysis and transcripts of selected events and multimedia. BSH aims to edit monographs, papers and articles, to organise various conferences and workshops. Our Association is involved in a search of the relevant grants and executing the research projects. BSH maintains relationship with a number of professional partner organizations.

BSH’s Internship Program is designed to give interns first-hand experience working at a geopolitical think tank. BSH seeks to provide a mutually beneficial experience, by giving the intern the opportunity to work alongside a supervisor in their chosen field, in our office. Undergraduate and graduate students of all levels of experience are welcome to apply.   

BSH encourages the active participation of young people from Dobrudja region to develop and implement various projects that can strengthen Dobrudja's geopolitical and cultural profile at national, regional and international level.